The market is demanding two solutions and we have been listening very carefully. IdeaLab is Idea Management Software which helps organize your innovation and continuous improvement processes. It is employee engagement software that enables you to objectively evaluate ideas and to easily communicate with and update participants. It is a very successful ideas Community and you manage it.

Idea Generation as a Managed Service

Everybody knows the Olympics, sixteen days of excellence and personal achievement. We’ve coined the term Idea Games to describe our idea generation service. All the drama and success of the Olympics in 4 weeks of focused thinking and sharing, not running and jumping! We manage the whole process for you from start to finish (see brochure). This is of great value if you do not currently have resources in-house.

You will be in good company

Whether you manage internally or you enjoy an Idea Games organised by us, you will be aligned with senior managers in world famous corporations and with innovation managers in the US, UK and Australian government; in companies large and small and with world renowned universities. Take the evaluation demo and you will clearly understand how enabling ideas to be conceived, incubated, evaluated and prioritized in one trusted place releases the entrepreneurial and problem-solving spirit that exists in your organisation.

It is also about your success

Enabling your organization to embed a systematic process for innovation and continuous improvement is a very significant achievement. The fact that you have demystified innovation will be recognised and rewarded, you can be assured of that!

Innovation begins with Conversation.

It is vital to make sure a system is designed to make it easy for the Chief Exec or the cleaner to explain, justify and harness support for an idea. The System you choose needs to quickly make your employees feel connected and engaged - giving you prioritized and organized feedback in your employees' own words. In other words, you need a Platform that makes change normal and innovation a habit, creating a culture that rapidly turns insights into action and profit. .

About Best Practice

Many people looking for an Idea Management System make the mistake of thinking that the forums and the technology are the Community. This is not the case. The processes in IdeaLab are precisely that: problem solving processes. It is people working in teams who provide solutions based on sharing insight, experience and often their personal vision.

Dust or Magic*

It’s a fact that an idea can turn to dust or magic depending on the talent that rubs against it. That’s why IdeaLab dismantles the two greatest barriers to innovation. The first is ideas being developed in knowledge silos; the second is ideas being prioritised in a vacuum.

*Bill Bernbach. A great persuader, a great innovator.
Creator of VW’s most successful ads ever.

Success, not software

Our clients discuss and evaluate ideas that add value. They stop doing things that don’t add value. The outcome is more rapid implementation of the clear thinking that results in reduced waste, money and time saved and new revenues generated.

IdeaLab enables easy and ongoing focus on:

1. Cost Reduction
2. Customer Service and Experience
3. People, Wellbeing & Employee Engagement
4. Sustainability


We’ve been asked about this a lot recently. So much so, that we added the capability for participants to post as “anon” and then later, if they wished, to edit and attribute the idea in their real name. Of course, it’s all controlled from Admin. You decide the policy.

The psychology of this is interesting. Maybe in some circumstances, and in some cultures, and depending on the audience or the question, anonymity is good.

TALKING point, TIPPING point.

When a big Insurance company took IdeaLab, they started in the IT Dept. IdeaLab went from a talking point (for 150 IT staff) to a TIPPING point in three weeks. The Head of IT showed it to the Chief Information Officer, who showed it to the CEO. Roll out happened within 2 weeks. Ideas flowed. Savings generated, new processes implemented. Employee ideas and experience leveraged. Success in innovation and in employee engagement delivered.

LEAN Principles in Practice

One of our oldest clients likes our system very much because it fits with their Lean Six Sigma requirements. The principles of LEAN thinking are now applied in all organisations, not only manufacturing. We developed reports that align with six sigma and also report on savings in material, in money and in that most precious of all commodities: time!

Innovation meetings

As well as making savings via innovation and waste reduction, IdeaLab also reduces the time spent in meetings. That’s because of great reports that can be easily accessed and circulated before a meeting – all, of course, with ideas classified, ranked and statuses allocated. The amount of time spent in meetings is basically ridiculous as we all know: consider the statistic that most executives spend 23 hours a week in meetings!

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