Intuitive Idea Management Software. Trusted worldwide.


All workplace wisdom can now be shared
and spread from one place.


Here are the elements that are central to the new way.

Flexibility to adapt:

To support changing needs over time. We all grow and evolve and our environment and tools should grow with us.

Proven technology:

Used by Government and by some of the most successful companies in the world. Plus, hosting that is secure on Azure - Microsoft’s Cloud platform.

Instant Onboarding:

OrganisedFeedback's user-friendly interface and intuitive design makes it easy for users to start sharing feedback and collaborating right away.

Back-end capabilities:

To communicate, measure, report and analyse. Not only idea management activity but also strategic goals related to progress, performance and employee contribution.


Share & collaborate

Your network shares ideas, customer stories, lessons learned and improvement opportunities in regular feedback challenges and departmental communities.


Teams and individuals collaborate to discuss, vote, improve and prioritize the best improvement opportunities to be taken forward for implementation.


All improvement feedback is automatically sorted and collated, reports generated, ready for evaluation and then transformed into action!


Key Progress Indicators at Your Fingertips


You listen to what’s right so you can leave it alone. You learn what’s wrong so you can change it.


A Few Minutes Involvement

Everyone gets involve. Improvement ideas, stories, initiatives, insights, all delivered and read in minutes.

No Distraction From Day to Day Work

Problems of location and busy schedules disappear. 10 minutes is all it takes to make a contribution and catch up on improvement feedback.


Many people believe it encourages authenticity. You can have that in OrganisedFeedback. It's so easy to enable if it is required in a Challenge or a Work Group.

Outcomes and Reports

Ideas, stories, quick wins and opportunities are automatically collated, sorted and can be immediately routed to the right people.

Every week of every year... OrganisedFeedback empowers
employees to improve 100 things by 1% and many things by 100%


Firstly, OrganisedFeedback is made available to everyone (in Glasgow it’s called Employee Voice).  Inclusion means involvement, and involvement generates Commitment.

Second. Management make it clear that everyone has "permission" to identify waste, to suggest change, to share Improvement Opportunities and new ideas with colleagues and decision makers.

That awareness is a critical cultural marker for employee engagement. As a consequence, transformation - within departments or organisation wide - comes from people who are embracing the power of incremental improvement. Marginal gain rapidly accumulates.

In Glasgow, no improvement idea is an orphan; all are routed to Lean teams or department heads. Every idea is acknowledged. Its automatic to do so in OrganisedFeedback so that management overhead is minimal.

The result is that improvement ideas suggested per 100 employees soars to the
range 18 to 58.

This is your key measure of Continuous Improvement – ideas suggested and ideas implemented per 100 employees. This is the metric you need to measure and grow. In OrganisedFeedback, it’s easy to measure!

From all ideas implemented, we had 73 that saved us between 15 mins and 3 hours a week, amounting to £200,000 ($287,100) of the total cash saved.
60% of solutions have no cost or resource implications. The idea is discussed, agreed... and “we just did it!” We then prompted our success to motivate others!
By implementing ideas that remove non-value activity from 35 peoples’ work processes, we saved £875,000 ($1,255,988) over 8 months.

OrganisedFeedback enables team leaders and heads of departments to launch innovation challenges inviting employees across your different business locations to solve problems.



  • Managers, Department Heads, Team Leaders prioritize goals.
  • Harness great employee and customer ideas which boost engagement, loyalty, profit and productivity.
  • Launch and invite employees to participate.
  • Updates are automatic to encourage and inform.
  • Reports to management are comprehensive to enable decision making.
  • The Event is short, sweet and productive.
  • Idea evaluation and implementation begins immediately.