Best Practice in Idea Management
Superb software, sharing best practice and enjoying 100% client recommendation explains our success.

Why choose IdeaLab as your Idea Management Platform?

Our customer research tells us that Managers looking to source idea management software choose us because we prioritize opening a relationship, not closing a sale.

Plus, we know that Continuous Improvement and Innovation is a journey, not a destination. That knowledge, based on 12 years’ experience, has immediate appeal. We build trust because we provide best practice advice and make our experience immediately available - for example please download our free book on innovation technique - see below.

Potential customers feel comfortable because together we explore the value IdeaLab brings and because we offer a risk-free evaluation. Confidence in getting the right solution is also increased for two more reasons: firstly, we easily adapt and customize our technology to suit your organization and culture; secondly, we are passionate about the Power of Simplicity. We work hard to keep things simple!

For these reasons, you won’t find a more responsive innovation partner to help you involve your people and turn concepts to completion faster.

    Ideas, LEAN innovation, continuous improvement
    Open Challenges, Competitions or Campaigns
    Deep feedback, relationship build, product research

You will be in good company

IdeaLab is used by innovation and organizational change managers globally; in companies large and small, in Government, in Education, in Healthcare and Charities.

Enabling ideas to be conceived, incubated, evaluated and prioritized in one trusted place releases the entrepreneurial and problem-solving spirit that exists in your organisation.

Start with an “Idea Olympics”

If you don't want to "embed" idea management immediately or perhaps the CEO feels there are too many “social media” solutions in your company already and is reluctant to test Idea Management, then an Idea Games “Challenge” is where you need to start.

It’s a 14 day Event for idea generation and stimulating conversations. With it you jump-start innovation because everything is set up for you, ready to go! Read how the IDEA GAMES works here.

LEAN Principles in Practice

One of our oldest clients likes our system very much because it fits with their Lean Six Sigma requirements. The principles of LEAN thinking are now applied in all organisations, not only manufacturing. We developed Challenges and reports that align with six sigma and also report on savings in material and in that most precious of all commodities: TIME! (and we all know what time equals …)

TALKING point, TIPPING point.

When a big Insurance company took IdeaLab, they started in the IT Dept. IdeaLab went from a talking point (for 150 IT staff) to a TIPPING point in three weeks. The Head of IT showed it to the Chief Information Officer, who showed it to the CEO. Roll out happened within 2 weeks. Ideas flowed. Savings generated, new processes implemented. Employee ideas and experience leveraged. Success in innovation and in employee engagement delivered.

Become an Innovation Champion
Get our complimentary copy of Innovation Demystified.
It’s a toolkit of techniques for coming up with better ideas, packed
with simple techniques for tapping into your creative core.