Embedded Continuous Improvement

Ideas, experiences and insights are in one place, enabling employees to generate, share and prioritize feedback in a trusted community. It’s an “end-to-end” idea management system that makes it is much easier to continuously improve products, process, policy and governance.


Why does it work so well?

It combines people’s natural preference to share and their desire to make things better with a compelling process which encourages and recognises effort. Simplicity, clear purpose and timely communication all combine, making it easy to make a contribution and be part of the process. It recognises that the individual person at work knows better than anyone else what makes him or her more productive (even in routine work the only true expert is the person who does the job).


What are the benefits to managers?

It makes Managers better and more creative by giving them a simple way to:

  • Encourage their team to think about improvement and change.
  • Create regular "Challenges" for employees/teams to solve issues.
  • Promote team collaboration and employee engagement.
  • Educate about the process of innovation, from conception of an idea or initiative, through its incubation, evolution and evaluation, and final presentation.

What are the benefits to employees?

They know that management values their contribution and experience.

  • They can participate at the level they feel most comfortable with - suggesting Ideas, or making comments, or voting or just reading.
  • They feel part of the process and this gives them a stake in the outcome.
  • Recognition of effort and initiatives aids performance.