Horses, Henry, Steve and the first Circular Economy


Henry Ford did what Steve did in his thinking process: He applied some "job-to-be done" thinking. And in so doing he created the first Circular Economy i.e. economic development based on a rubber circle!

This is Steve's thinking:

While other MP3 manufacturers were concentrating on helping customers listen to music, Steve thought about the entire “job” of music management. Which was more than listening!

He enabled us to do ALL the things we were trying to do with music:

1 - acquire it, 2 - organize it, 3 - listen to it, 4 - share it.

Four things were required to satisfy the “job” of listening to music, not one!

Bye bye Sony ... Bye bye competitors ... Bye bye Blackbird ... (a classic if ever there was one)

Look at this video and you will see that Henry did the same thing 50 years or so before SJ was born.

John M