Organised Feedback

The important subjects you need feedback on - they are already pre-populated in the system! 

The Challenge format is already set for you: title, the description of the problem or need; the question you need to ask. All there.

You just need to click the "publish" button!

And it gets even better...


When you publish Organised Feedback automatically alerts and invites your people to participate. And, because Inclusion is one of your values, Organised Feedback keeps on inviting them! Those who don't participate are gently nudged to participate at whatever level they are comfortable with.

Reports that measure Productivity and Progress

And of course you have all the real time reports about participation and reports on contributions made, ideas suggested and so on. Participants also get reports to keep them in the loop and encourage participation. The Challenge moderators are also invited and get their reports too.

Efficiency, Participation and Clever Responses are two clicks away. WOMBAT (wasting of money, brains and time) is addressed in these Questions of the Month (each Department should do a Challenge every month - the savings will be immense and employee engagement will surge).

Have a look at key subjects below (of course you can add your own topics)