Create and Publish Consultations - in organisedfeedback.

Easily create and publish consultations, surveys, discussion forums and idea sessions. Capture attention and focused feedback. Use classic consultation and deliberation and/or Ideas or Ideas Sessions widget as a gateway to insight and trust. Display the latest consultations and ideas to start engaging your audience immediately.

a challenge timetable

Your Stakeholders take just a few minutes to share improvement ideas....

FRIDAY 9am – Your Improvement Tournament Opens!

All user login details already sent the night before. People login and throughout the day Improvement Ideas and interesting stories that can trigger improvement start to flow.


MONDAY – through Thursday: More improvement ideas spreading; people reading, voting, commenting and incubating ideas. Ideas routed to the right people. 
FRIDAY: Everyone updated and thanked; Management reports of all improvement ideas generated, ready for evaluation.
FRIDAY 9 AM: First departmental ideas probably implemented!

Here’s a great way to introduce Challenges, download:  Feedback Friday and check out the planner here.

The Challenge Process summed up: Inclusion!

  • Managers, Department Heads, Team Leaders prioritize goals.
  • Harness great employee and customer ideas which boost engagement, loyalty, profit and productivity.
  • Launch and invite employees to participate.
  • Updates are automatic to encourage and inform.
  • Reports to management are comprehensive to enable decision making.
  • The Event is short, sweet and productive.
  • Idea evaluation and implementation begins immediately.

What are the benefits to managers?

It makes Managers better and more creative by giving them a simple way to:

  • Encourage their team to think about improvement and change.
  • Create opportunities for employees/teams to solve issues.
  • Promote team collaboration and employee engagement.
  • Educate about the process of innovation, from conception of an idea or initiative, through its incubation, evolution and evaluation, and final presentation.

What are the benefits to employees?

  • They know that management values their contribution and experience.
  • They can participate at the level they feel most comfortable with - suggesting Ideas, or making comments, or voting or just reading.
  • They feel part of the process and this gives them a stake in the outcome.
  • Recognition of effort and initiatives aids performance.