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Encourage your people. Seek out and share the best Improvement Opportunities.

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Glasgow City Council
Actively listening to 20,000 employees on how to improve processes and ways of working.


Everyone can submit focused feedback

Of course it’s about Ideas... But ideas are solutions to Problems. Participants must be able to quickly and easily classify their feedback by contribution type  - a problem described, lessons learned, customer story, an idea.  This is all about INCLUSION. Involving those with ideas, those who know the problem, those affected by the better (and different ) way of working. All are stakeholders. Success requires a culture of involvement.


Every contribution is automatically assigned to the right decision makers. Participants can add tags and supporting information, including documents, images and media.

Vote, comment, follow, Improve

Using our powerful search engine and filters, participants can easily view existing feedback. They can get involved by voting up and down ideas and comments. And take part in discussions, using our @mention feature to include colleagues who can share their insights and expertise and show support.

Users can follow their favourite ideas and topics to always stay updated on new activity.

Notifications, alerts and timely communication


Participants can choose to be alerted on new activity on their feedback and on ideas and discussions which they "follow". They are also prompted with on-screen notifications of new ideas and comments since last login. Contributors are automatically thanked for their suggestions and sent a copy of each of their submissions.

Ideas anytime, anywhere

Users can submit ideas via the mobile app or with the responsive design. This allows factory and shop workers to easily and quickly share their ideas and improvement feedback.