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Lloyds lead the way in Diversity & Inclusion: Views from the top.


It has been proven that D&I initiatives are far more effective when instituted from the top down.

Inclusion@Lloyds research showed that more than half (53%) of their respondents now had formal D&I initiatives in place compared to 35% last year. There has also been an increase in formal governance structures put in place to help drive these initiatives and secure positive results. While it is encouraging to this number rising, and resulting progress, there is still a way to go before long-term objectives for parity across gender, race, and sexuality, are fulfilled.

OrganisedFeedback helps bring hidden solutions and innovation to the surface; a diversity of ideas, a diversity of talent.

Greg Collins is CEO of our client Miller Insurance and a Sponsor of DiveIn. When it comes to the rationale of Idea Management, here's the perfect description:

“Your employees are the ears and eyes of your business. Engage with them to learn what you’re doing right, what you could be doing better and what they value from an employer. Unconscious bias towards recruiting or promoting remains a challenge to diversity and in order to have an inclusive workplace, you need an aware workforce.”


Mike McGavick – XL Catlin
“We want to build a culture that values all individuals, backgrounds, and ideas: a place where talented people achieve great things together. This is more than just aspirational; it’s a strategic imperative we’re working hard to make a reality.”

Nicolas Aubert – Willis Towers Watson 
“Diversification provides the broadest array of talent, experiences and perspectives, and is fundamental to generating a competitive advantage. This means attracting and developing the best talent – people with different backgrounds and cultures – who can bring the best of diverse thinking to the table.”

Mark Weil - Marsh 
“We understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in staying relevant to our clients and providing them with the innovation they quite rightly demand of us. Diversity is integral to the future success of our firm, our colleagues, our clients, the communities in which we work – and to the insurance industry itself.”

Dave Brosnan – CNA Hardy 
“We believe that for D&I to pay dividends it starts before, and must be supported beyond, the hiring stage; it needs to be integrated into the organisation’s culture and, for it to thrive, it must become part of its DNA.”

Andrew Kendrick – Chubb 
“Diversity and inclusion is not just the right thing to do – it’s also good for the business community. A diverse workforce gives companies of all sizes more opportunities to innovate and to better understand their client base and reflect their needs.”

Jim Herbert - AON 
“I believe passionately that every one of our colleagues should feel free to be authentic at work. This simply means that everyone should expect and offer respect to others regardless of their background, difference or orientation. Our industry is richer for the diversity of talent and thought that these differences bring.”

James Mee & Alex Anderson - RPC 
“One of the challenges for everyone who has an interest in talent and workplace culture is to ensure the message around inclusion and diversity stays fresh and – where necessary – is refined. We’ve been successful at that in the insurance industry but, sometimes, we need to recognise the different dynamics of different audiences.”