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Local Government client
“One of the major reasons we chose OrganisedFeedback was the ease of use of the system. As an Idea contributor you need no training at all to find your way around and input your own ideas."


Rapid setup

Start by branding the platform with your own logo, images and corporate colors.

Create your departmental feedback communities and targeted challenges on specific subjects and topics.

Depending on your choice for registration and user integration, we can enable Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML and Active Directory, which allows your users to access the Platform with the credentials of your existing company intranet. 

Decide on your moderation policy and if you wish to enable anonymous submissions.

Idea categories and statuses

Decide on the idea categories that users will select when submitting their feedback. These categories can be top level, such as HR, IT, sales, product development or they can be more specific to your business. You also have the option to add multiple levels of categorization.

Add custom statuses, such as; Under review, planned, banked, implemented, closed. We suggest that you turn on a default status; Acknowledged!


Organised Feedback's responsive design displays beautifully on any smartphone, tablet or web browser.

Community moderators

It takes only a few minutes to create moderators, assign access rights and assign them to specific feedback communities and challenges. Moderators are automatically alerted of their account details.


Select your default language and enable your users to select their preferred language. We currently offer; English, French, Flemish and Spanish.

Custom submission form

Including custom fields on challenges and community submission forms allows administrators to collect specific key data.

Email & Notifications

Customise email notifications and auto-responders when users submit ideas and interact with existing feedback. Set the frequency too!

Data Import

Prepare your user data import file and import it via the admin interface. You can decide on the username and password format or you can let the system auto generate user logins. Our dedicated support team are here to give best practice advice.