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In financial services there is scope for disruption as well as transformation.


The financial services industry is transforming. Tradition is being superseded. It's clear that the only way to maintain a competitive edge is to innovate. Innovation is the gateway to success; it has to be a top priority.

OrganisedFeedback powers employee contribution: improvement ideas, problem identification, customer insights, all shared, categorized and routed to the right decision-making or evaluation group. 

The most successful players in the industry understand how powerful innovation management software can harness the knowledge, insights and expertise of their workforce. Empowering employees enables them to uncover opportunities for operational improvements, identify new products and markets and improve services to bring enhanced value to both the business and its customers. In fact, over 35% of insurance providers alone already have an internal crowdsourcing platform or forum for employees to contribute to innovation efforts.

Innovation programs are quickly becoming the foundation on which companies are identifying new ways to provide value to both customers, employees, and ultimately the business.

Encourage Intrapreneurs

You can focus intrapreneurship on products first, or even on the tech first. But the best philosophy is to focus on the people first, to get diversity of thought together, to figure out you are going to engage people, build communities, build skills. It's best to build an intrapreneurship team with different skill-sets, from all areas of the company, with 3 goals in mind:

1. Helping employees develop new skills and tap into their passion. 

2. The second one is the culture. Aim to introduce new ways of working and spread those across the enterprise. 

3. The third is the innovation output. Identifying the solutions business leaders are seeking for problems they want to solve in a new way.

Powering employee contribution

Powering employee contribution

If somebody’s going to disrupt our industry, it might as well be us.
— John Geyer, Senior Vice President of MetLife’s Innovation Program, in A New World of Opportunity: The insurance innovation imperative (KPMG)

Banks and insurance companies must create products and services that are easy to use, fast, convenient and personalized