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Citizen conversations - Crowdsourcing, Challenge and feedback tools for Local and National Government.


In our increasingly social culture, citizens’ input is a critical resource for any democratic government. Good decision-making often requires the knowledge, opinions and values of the public. Implementing controversial decisions depends on citizens’ consent and support. Unless citizens understand and are engaged in the decision-making process themselves, trust may be easily lost.

The best way to ensure citizen’s engagement is to allow them to take a more active role via crowdsourcing – in defining the issues, and considering solutions as well as in identifying priorities for the government’s policy and decisions. This significant involvement can occur at a number of stages in the planning, research, or implementation stages of any project or policy.

OrganisedFeedback is perfect for policy and crowd-sourcing ideas and social innovation. Great for early stage policy brain-storming process, or wanting to get ideas from specific stakeholders before formal Consultation.

With our ideation and brainstorming tools you easily garner valuable ideas from your Communities, while demonstrating a transparent and participative approach.

Creating citizen engagement

Creating citizen engagement