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We provide a superb service to make everything 100% successful and sustainable from Day One!

From the United States government to leading law firms in Frankfurt and Paris; from local government in the UK and State Governments in Australia; from SME's in California to Corporates in Tennessee and London, organisations everywhere trust organisedFeedback to build their Culture of Efficiency, Continuous Improvement and Workplace Innovation.


Discover Great Ideas!

Innovation Challenges

Organised Feedback enables team leaders, managers and heads of departments to quickly ask direct questions via multiple innovation challenges. Your employees and stakeholders then respond with their feedback solutions and ideas.

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Departmental Feedback

Idea Management

Setup departmental feedback communities. Enable your users to easily classify their feedback by contribution type  - a problem described, lessons learned, customer story, an idea. Encouraging discussion and voting to help prioritize the best submissions. 

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Feedback Anytime, Anywhere!


Enable your users to share feedback whenever they want using the mobile app or via our responsive design. Never miss the opportunity to capture feedback!

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Export and Share Key Data

Reporting & Analysis

All ideas and feedback types can be collated into actionable reports which can be shared with colleagues. Easily export and give access to key colleagues. Innovation accelerates.

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Easy Setup and Launch.
Instant Onboarding.

Setup in minutes, OrganisedFeedback requires no technical knowledge in order to create challenges, communities and manage feedback. A simple and compelling experience that your team will love. 

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