Accelerating Transformation,
Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion

Instant Onboarding:

OrganisedFeedback's user-friendly interface and intuitive design makes it easy for users to start sharing feedback and collaborating right away.

Flexibility to adapt:

To support changing needs over time. We all grow and evolve and our environment and tools should grow with us.

Back-end capabilities:

To communicate, measure, report and analyse. Not only idea management activity but also strategic goals related to progress, performance and employee contribution.




Set your topic/question and invite participants to your innovation challenges and communities. Managers, Department Heads, Team Leaders prioritize goals. Updates are automatic to encourage and inform. Reports to management are comprehensive to enable decision making.



Your network shares ideascustomer storieslessons learned and improvement opportunities. Each feedback topic submitted is categorized and tagged with keywords. Users can attach supporting documents and media to their feedback.




Teams and individuals collaborate to discuss, vote, improve and prioritize the best improvement opportunities to be taken forward for implementation. Popular topics bubble to the top!



All improvement feedback is automatically sorted and collated, reports generated, ready for evaluation and then transformed into action!