Idea Generation as a service.
A fun, focused, online festival of idea events which reduce waste, increase productivity and morale. 


What is the Idea Games?

A creative way to focus on cutting costs, eliminating waste and increasing productivity!

Everybody knows the Olympics etc etc etc ...text here and Paris; from local government in the UK and State Governments in Australia; from SME's in California to Corporates in Tennessee and London, organisations everywhere trust organisedFeedback to build their Culture of Efficiency, Continuous Improvement and Workplace Innovation.


Employee Engagement increased by 65%

Increase Engagement

Benefits text here on increasing employee engagement. etc etc etc etc leaders, managers and heads of departments to quickly ask direct questions via multiple innovation challenges. Your employees and stakeholders then respond with their feedback solutions and ideas.

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Increase your capacity for innovation!

Capture Improvements

Benefits text here explaining continuous improvement etc etc etc classify their feedback by contribution type  - a problem described, lessons learned, customer story, an idea. Encouraging discussion and voting to help prioritize the best submissions. 

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Teams collaboration text here!

Promote Collaboration

Benefits about collaboration? Enable your users to share feedback whenever they want using the mobile app or via our responsive design. Never miss the opportunity to capture feedback!

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Think lean, remove xyz text here!

Education in Lean Thinking

Talk about educating people in lean? All ideas and feedback types can be collated into actionable reports which can be shared with colleagues. Easily export and give access to key colleagues. Innovation accelerates.

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Olympic Results.
Winning Reports.

At the end of the event - all ideas, broken down by challenge/topic are collated into actionable reports which can be shared with colleagues. Results in more effective innovation meetings! 

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