Continuous Improvement in Law Firms

Deploying OrganisedFeedback offers a forum where minds meet to share knowledge about services offered, the market for them and how things might need to change to change.

Improvement ideas and potential Change Projects will come from three routes:

  1. Senior lawyers with extensive experience highlighting areas for improvement, sometimes based on client feedback. These will make use of Challenges functionality.
  2. Lawyers at a more junior level who are close to a particular process and who experience a level of frustration. Airing and sharing in an “always on” Community is the first step.
  3. Market expectations undergo a significant shift, causing the client and his advisers to revisit how quickly, or at what cost, a transaction can be completed. Sharing experiences.


Lawyers have seen a huge increase in the amount of information they need to manage through the litigation process. They need to make sense of and use data in a more effective and efficient way to achieve better outcomes for clients.

Transactional Law

Clients are constantly challenging lawyers to work quicker and more cost effectively. The goals here is to streamline transactions. This might be through smarter document reviewing and creation, automation of processes or innovations that disrupt an entire category of transactional law.

Business of Law

Providing the best service for clients relies on systems and infrastructure that are easy to use and are efficient. From tracking the progress of cases to communicating with clients and managing costs.