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How to find ideas delivering most impact.


Think a little. Change a lot.

Encouraging clear thinking is part of OrganisedFeedback. (It’s in our Good Practice section of our Product).

And having - and developing - such a resource makes Innovation and Continuous Improvement sustainable. It’s the classic story: give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you feed them for life.

Our experience is that some informal coaching on thinking about Continuous Improvement can be very effective. And we do like "Lean" and Lean Six Sigma ways of approaching problems. For example getting your people to think of their work as part of a process makes sense when it comes to thinking through change initiatives. It makes it easier to find waste and things that add no value. It promotes creativity.


It's a proven process that improves all processes. And make no mistake, everyone's job is part of a bigger process; everyone's work contributes to the end result: happier colleagues and customers!

DEFINE - what does your experience tell you needs improving.
MEASURE - get the facts that help you understand how things are and operate now.
ANALYSE - use facts and data to get to the "root cause" or causes inhibiting performance.
IMPROVE - generate possible solutions/ideas. Evaluate and Incubate them. Rank and Decide.
CONTROL - implement , monitor, review.

Other techniques like the 5 S’s and the 5 Why’s are described within OrganisedFeedback.