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It's a joy to show people they are appreciated and highly valued.

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Local government client
We save so much time in receiving, reading, evaluating and prioritising ideas. And communicating results and feedback to staff is so efficient. Structured, organised and latest idea reports make life so easy! Innovation meetings are a pleasure!


Managing feedback is fast and rewarding

As contributions start to flow in, multiple administrators can view and manage the feedback. Assign statuses and publish official comments. Record ROI and development information. Invite colleagues and experts to evaluate ideas and insights. Merge ideas at the click of a button, combining all votes and comments.

Effective communication

Post success and updates to the built-in blog and success story engine. Keeping your team up-to-date and engaged shows that progress is being made.

Custom statuses and data capture

Add custom statuses which can then be assigned to feedback submissions with a simple click. You can also turn on a default status, which would be assigned automatically.

Create custom data capture fields - simply adding them to the feedback submission form.


OrganisedFeedback enables you to push announcements to each of your communities and challenges. Simply enter your announcement title and description and hit "announce"