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Capture feedback anywhere, anytime with the OrganisedFeedback mobile app.


Value is our mission
“The value offered by OrganisedFeedback is un-matched. A platform that offers everything we need from capture to evaluation and implemention that costs 70% less than other tools out there.”


An always-on Feedback machine!

For many managers, “employee feedback” means a survey once a quarter or year or some interviews when you’ve got the time.

But what about having a seamless, always-on employee feedback machine? It’s not challenging. In fact it’s easy to have it and to get everyone involved and enthusiastic.

Our simple and friendly interface makes it easy for users to share ideas and get involved in community discussions and challenges.

A Mobile Future

The OrganisedFeedback mobile app (and responsive design) allows feedback to be captured while out of the office, on the move, on the factory or shop floor. Text or audio or pictures too.