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Includes all the features you need to launch a successful feedback community or project.

Access for 100 employees

£150 - $200 - €170 /per month



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Making everyone part of the process gives them a stake in the outcome - success!

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£4,800 - $6,200 - €5300 /year



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Full end-to-end innovation platform.
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You can trust our customers words...

The value offered by OrganisedFeedback is un-matched. A platform that offers everything we need from capture to evaluation and implemention that costs 70% less than other tools out there.
Throughout the relationship OrganisedFeedback have been professional, flexible and very accommodating. But the best judge of an organisation is how they deal with issues, once the sale has been made.
One of the major reasons we chose OrganizedFeedback was the ease of use of the system. As an Idea contributor you need no training at all to find your way around and input your own ideas.
We save so much time in receiving, reading, evaluating and prioritising ideas. And communicating results and feedback to staff is so efficient. Structured, organised and latest idea reports make life so easy! Innovation meetings are a pleasure!
OrganisedFeedback’s Employee Voice came in head and shoulders above the rest plus I found them really responsive and helpful through the selection process.
Within just 6 days of launching OrganisedFeedback we had Ideas voted on 268 times; 93 great ideas submitted; 49 comments and improvements. It really got everyone engaged and is going strong ... and that’s just week one!