1. Enable easy classification of great ideas, quick wins, problems or improvement opportunities and customer stories.
  2. Automatically route feedback to the right decision-making or evaluation teams.
  3. Automatically acknowledge and update feedback authors.
  4. Enable voting or commentaries to gauge importance of an idea / feedback topic.
  5. Automate feedback reporting to reduce evaluation discussion meetings by 50%.
  6. Always have a “we just did it” classification celebrating marginal gains implemented.
  7. Use our best practice space where everyone improves thinking and problem-seeking skills.
  8. Emphasize that we all have two jobs: the one we do …  and how to do it better! 
  9. Remind everyone that improvement ideas are like rabbits: “you get a couple and learn how to handle them… and pretty soon you’ve got a dozen!” - John Steinbeck.

OrganisedFeedback is simple to setup and launch.



Our "how to launch Organisedfeedback" guide makes the following setup tasks quick and easy.


branding and introduction

Organised Feedback can branded and customized as required. Top banners, logos, colors, buttons and background displays. We offer multiple login page layouts and vertical and horizontal display of ideas and challenges.

We can apply full branding as requested.

create feedback communities and innovation challenges

Create multiple feedback communities for departments and special interest groups. Management and moderators can also create and run multiple innovation challenges. Communities and Challenges can be open to all employees or restricted to private invitation only groups.


SSO and data import

Depending on your choice for registration and user integration, we can enable Single Sign-On which allows your users to access the Platform with the credentials of your existing company intranet.


custom email alerts & notifications

Users can select to be alerted on new activity per community and challenge. Alerts can be set to daily or weekly. You can also send communication email direct from the OrganisedFeedback admin panel to all users or specific groups and individuals. New activity related to ideas, comments and private invitations are highlighted on the top menu when participants login.



Participants enjoy submitting feedback. A intuitive user interface that's fun to use.


feedback submission

OF allows employees to easily classifies their feedback by type (Improvement Idea, problem described, lessons learned, customer story) and by category. Then automatically routes them to the right team or decision makers, while automatically acknowledging authors and alerting managers. A smart form to make life easier.


voting & commenting

Users can vote up and down ideas and comments. Negative voting can be disable as required. You can also decide to use "votes" or "likes". Ideas and comments can be pre or post moderated. As the OrganisedFeedback moderator, you can control if ideas and comments are displayed by real name, user name or anonymous.



OrganisedFeedback has built-in gamification techniques based on the innovation leaderboard (which can be turned on and off as required). It displays participants by Top Innovators, top contributors and highest reputation.


Evaluation & Analytics

In real time, monitor and evaluate the improvement ideas and insights submitted by your team.

It's simple for administrators to slice data and export key reports to share with colleagues.
Your meetings become far more productive.


Idea statuses

Customize the idea statuses to suit your organisation. Set an automatic default status which acknowledges all ideas. When an idea changes status, an automated alert is sent to the idea creator.

new_page__sect_img_02 (1).png

idea categories

When your employees submit ideas - they need to be able to classify them easily. You can set multiple levels of categorization allowing simple or more detailed levels. Categories can be by department, HR, IT, Customer Service etc or any criteria of your choice.

new_page__sect_img_03 (1).png

development tools

Record cost, benefits and ROI. Add supporting documents and review notes.


Here's a few more

We're commited to building a flexible platform.



Pre and Post moderation.


Push announcements to your users.

Merge Ideas

Merge ideas at the click of a button. Combining all votes and comments into one. 


Communicate with your users using our built-in communication feature.

Responsive design

OrganisedFeedback is built with responsive design and will display on any smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

news blog

Publish success stories and news via the integrated blog.