OrganisedFeedback is an end-to-end innovation management platform


custom content & setup

All content within OrganisedFeedback can be customized easily. Including language, labels, tabs and imagery. Choose to have pre or post moderation. You decide all default settings, including anonymous submission and whether to allow negative voting on feedback and discussions.

Quickly setup multiple community spaces for departmental feedback and assign a moderator or head of department.

Customize notification email templates and set the frequency. 


Depending on your choice for registration and user integration, we can enable Single Sign-On which allows your users to access the Platform with the credentials of your existing company intranet.



responsive design

OrganisedFeedback is built with responsive design and will display on any smartphone, tablet, or web browser. Enabling your users to share feedback anytime, anywhere!


OrganisedFeedback is fun for participants

Participants enjoy submitting feedback in an intuitive user interface that's a pleasure to use.


30 seconds to submit focused feedback

Participants can quickly and easily classify their feedback by conversation type (improvement Idea, problem described, lessons learned, customer story etc). Every contribution is automatically assigned to the right people or the right department/category. Participants can add tags and supporting information, including documents, images and media.

Participants have the choice to remain anonymous.

interacting with feedback

Using our powerful search engine and filters, participants can easily view existing feedback. They can get involved by voting up and down ideas and comments. And take part in discussions, using our @mention feature to include colleagues who can share their insights and expertise and show support.

Users can follow their favorite ideas and topics with the click on a button.



notifications, alerts and timely communication

Participants can choose to be alerted on new activity on their feedback and on ideas and discussions which they "follow". They are also prompted with on-screen notifications of new ideas and comments since last login. Contributors are automatically thanked for their suggestions and sent a copy of each of their submissions.


OrganisedFeedback enables teams and managers to launch challenges

Ask a question. Receive solutions. Fast.


involve those who matter most

OrganisedFeedback enables managers and heads of departments to quickly ask direct questions via multiple innovation challenges. Your employees and stakeholders then respond with their feedback solutions and ideas.

Challenges can be organisation-wide and open to all or targeted to a specific department or category. Easily add supporting information including; background documents, images and videos.

challenge managed in stages

Challenge stages allow a focused step-by-Step approach. Stage 1 may be collection of ideas and feedback – with responses not published since some pre-consultation vetting is desirable. Stage 2 may be a shortlist of the best ideas. Stage 3 can be opened up for comments. Stage 4 – voting and further discussion and development.

Each challenge and stage can have a moderator who manages the event and content flow.



challenge start and end dates

Setting a start and end date on your challenge shows urgency and lets your team know that their feedback is needed now. As the closing date gets closer, moderators can send alerts and reminders to in-active users prompting them to take part.

Challenge Results

When a Challenge is complete, interim information can be posted and this updated in due course, keeping everyone in the loop.


OrganisedFeedback is simple for administrators

No heavy resources are required to setup and manage feedback.


communities and categories

It's easy to create multiple feedback communities. Communities can be by department, subject or a specific project.

When your employees submit feedback - they need to be able to classify them easily. You can set multiple levels of categorization allowing simple or more detailed levels. Categories can be by department, HR, IT, Customer Service etc or any specific criteria of your choice. 

managing feedback

As submissions start to flow in, multiple administrators can view and manage the feedback. Assign statuses and publish official comments. Record ROI and development information. Invite colleagues and experts to evaluate ideas and insights. Merge ideas at the click of a button, combining all votes and comments.



custom statuses and fields

Add custom statuses which can then be assigned to feedback submissions with a simple click. You can also turn on a default status, which would be assigned automatically.

Create custom data capture fields - simply adding them to the feedback submission form.


OrganisedFeedback has real time
reporting and analysis

Slice and dice your feedback data with our state of the art analysis module.


Analytics dashboards, KPI's and Reports

With the OrganisedFeedback self-serving analytics, any user, without programming or scripting knowledge can create new reports or ad hoc queries.

This helps management users to get rapid, real-time insights, trends, innovation metrics and visual diagrams of feedback and user activity.

activity reports

All ideas and feedback types can be collated into actionable reports which can be shared with colleagues. Easily export and give access to key colleagues.

Innovation accelerates.



participant activity

Report on participant login and feedback activity. Measure which users and departments are more active and engaged. 


OrganisedFeedback is a powerful communications platform

Maximum Automation. Minimal Management.



OrganisedFeedback enables you to push announcements to each of your communities and challenges. Simply enter your announcement title and description and hit "announce"

news blog and success stories

OrganisedFeedback has an integrated blog and success story feature which enables moderators to create and publish news and keep your community informed about recent success.

email communication

At any point you need to communicate with all users or a specific group or individual - use the OrganisedFeedback built-in email system.


OrganisedFeedback makes evaluation
easy for experts

Receiving ideas is only part of the innovation cycle.


assign a review team

Once an idea has been accepted for evaluation, key experts and moderators can be assigned to complete the evaluation.

Each moderator will be alerted and sent an invitation to take part in the review.

evaluation scoring

The OrganisedFeedback evaluation module allows you to create and customise elements, values and weights. Making it easy for administrators and moderators to quickly identify the most valuable ideas and opportunities.



development notes and roi

Within the administration feedback workflow, moderators and evaluators can record cost, benefits and ROI. There's also a document management area and review notes.