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OrganisedFeedback has built-in real time reporting and analysis.


Insurance client
Within just 6 days of launching OrganisedFeedback we had Ideas voted on 268 times; 93 great ideas submitted; 49 comments and improvements. It really got everyone engaged and is going strong ... and that’s just week one!


Analytics dashboards, KPI's and reports

With the OrganisedFeedback self-serving analytics, any user, without programming or scripting knowledge can create new reports or ad hoc queries.


This helps management users to get rapid, real-time insights, trends, innovation metrics and visual diagrams of feedback and user activity.

Activity reports


All ideas and feedback types can be collated into actionable reports which can be shared with colleagues. Easily export and give access to key colleagues.

Innovation accelerates.

Report on participant login and feedback activity. Measure which users and departments are more active and engaged.