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Easily and quickly launch challenges to discover solutions and news ways to improve processes!

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Question of the Month
“The important and difficult job is never to find the right answer; it is to find the right question.”

In our community, we will be posing a key question each month for discussion and reflection. Our purpose is to share ideas on how we improve the processes that are the essence of how we think, behave and interact with colleagues and clients.

It is that interaction of ideas, and subsequent system changes, which eliminates waste, adds value for clients and generates revenue.


Solve Problems

Organised Feedback enables team leaders, managers and heads of departments to quickly ask direct questions via multiple innovation challenges. Your employees and stakeholders then respond with their feedback solutions and ideas.


Challenges can be organisation-wide and open to all or targeted to a specific department or category. Easily add supporting information including; background documents, images and videos.

Challenge Start and
End dates

Setting a start and end date on your challenge shows urgency and lets your team know that their feedback is needed now. As the closing date gets closer, moderators can send alerts and reminders to inactive users prompting them to take part.


Managed in stages

Challenge stages allow a focused step-by-Step approach. Stage 1 may be collection of ideas and feedback – with responses not published since some pre-consultation vetting is desirable. Stage 2 may be a shortlist of the best ideas. Stage 3 can be opened up for comments. Stage 4 – voting and further discussion and development.


Each challenge and stage can have a moderator who manages the event and content flow.

Challenge Results

When a Challenge is complete, interim information can be posted and this updated in due course.