There is no slow death because the Confidence and Culture are in place and your people are no longer afraid to ask Why and suggest How! They know how to have Conversations about Improvement. Ideas implemented will soar! And you will be well on your way to becoming a true Learning Organization.

By researching for an Idea Management System, you are about to do an Experiment entitled:

Will Idea Management help me personally - fitting with our Culture and dramatically helping achieve our KPI's.

That's what you are testing. But you won't learn what you need to know in a few weeks. So, we’re going to nail our colors to the mast:

Do not speak to to 5 or 10 competitive companies - and get a long list of features that will drive you crazy (and you won't know their value or usefulness - if any!).

Here's the best way forward. It works every time.

Best to test. And learn. And do so at low financial risk. Talk to your boss about using Organized Feedback right now - for real, not with 5 or 10 people. Get him or her to talk to he CEO and get him or her on board. Together we use OF for 6 months - and at a reasonable cost - and with hands-on support and all our battle-won experience (15 years) from us.

That's how you are going to learn about the practice of Continuous Improvement and employee-led Workplace Innovation. You learn how to make Idea and Innovation Management work in your organization.

After 6 months, if we are not for you we stop. Or ... we can keep going - from strength to strength! 


There's only one reason to fill in this form. Fill it in if you want to jump-start workplace Innovation now!

Outcome is clear: you learn how to make idea management successful in your organisation - by doing it! Do that and you will become a Learning Organisation.