Organised Feedback

 Success Story

In Glasgow City Council, 19,000 employees involved. Ideas flow. Millions saved. Innovation prospers


Every week of every year... OrganisedFeedback empowers
employees to improve 100 things by 1% and many things by 100%


Firstly, OrganisedFeedback is made available to everyone (in Glasgow it’s called Employee Voice).  Inclusion means involvement, and involvement generates Commitment.

Second. Management make it clear that everyone has "permission" to identify waste, to suggest change, to share Improvement Opportunities and new ideas with colleagues and decision makers.

That awareness is a critical cultural marker for employee engagement. As a consequence, transformation - within departments or organisation wide - comes from people who are embracing the power of incremental improvement. Marginal gain rapidly accumulates.


In Glasgow, no improvement idea is an orphan; all are routed to Lean teams or department heads. Every idea is acknowledged. Its automatic to do so in OrganisedFeedback so that management overhead is minimal.

The result is that improvement ideas suggested per 100 employees soars to the
range 18 to 58.

This is your key measure of Continuous Improvement – ideas suggested and ideas implemented per 100 employees. This is the metric you need to measure and grow. In OrganisedFeedback, it’s easy to measure!