who is organisedfeedback

Winning by Sharing is our mantra.


Winning by Sharing is our mantra and over delivering in value is what drives us! There is no better feeling than knowing that our customers trust our people and our products.

  • We're responsive
  • We're dedicated
  • We De-Mystify Innovation
  • We don't believe that price should be a barrier

Idea Management platforms are not for the wealthy few. Innovation is about the Democracy of Ideas. All companies, all organisations, all government, all universities must be able to afford the tools of systematic innovation and continuous improvement. That is how we make our nation Innovative.

Our pricing is also our Competitive advantage and therefore the most competitive. Value is our mission! 

Why OrganisedFeedback?

What makes us a good company to work with is that we appreciate that people are unfamiliar with "idea Management" and often don't know what they want or what is the best process to use in a given situation. 

Our job is therefore to help you get the outcomes you want and that is best stated in one word: participation.

Because from participation comes Commitment, and without commitment there are only dreams and intentions but no hard plans. So what we do in terms of product design - simplicity, clear purpose, good practice advice, mobile capability, an emphasis on consultation - is designed to get involvement and empower the participant.

Or to put it another way, you want to get organised feedback which is relevant and creative - feedback prompted by your asking the right questions and providing the right information. Everything we design in our application has that as our prime objective.

High-performance organizations use OrganisedFeedback, including US Department of Agriculture and Government of Western Australia. 

High-performance organizations use OrganisedFeedback, including US Department of Agriculture and Government of Western Australia. 

The important and difficult job is never to find the right answer; it is to find the right question.

A short history of our work


2002 Scottish Parliament - creation and management of online debating forums, linked to Video Broadcasting. First ever interactive Parliament.

2003 DTI and Office of the Deputy Prime Minister eConsultations

2003 Harvard Law School - Global eParliament project

2004 Developed eConsult and Consultation Finder and best practice courses in online moderation as part of National local eDemocracy initiatives

eConsultation software supplied to General Medical Council and NHS PCT's

Tools used in the Sir John Tooke Inquiry into Modernising Medical Careers

2011 Finalists in World eGov/eDemocracy Forum, Paris

2012 launch of Public Sector Global Idea Share

2013 launch of Charity Global Idea Share

2014 - European Office set up - Brussels

2015 Multi-lingual version released

2016 First US Government business

2017 Innovons en Bretagne. Making Brittany number 1 in France for workplace AND social innovation