Simplicity and clear purpose combined.

We blend technology with organizational development to create a spirit of Intrapreneurship.

And we make it easy for employees to share ideas (and problems, too) and be part of the improvement process. OrganisedFeedback recognises that the individual person at work knows better than anyone else what makes them more productive.

One more thing: most ideas are incremental. People's ideas improve systems - step by step. It makes sense to have a systems-led approach to continuous improvement.


Automatic Routing.


OF connects the people who know the problems and can identify important improvement opportunities with managers who control budgets and need to make better decisions.

OF routes smart ideas to the right people; automatically, easily, every week. Nothing is missed.



People want to be consulted, not surveyed. If employees know their ideas are being heard they will be happier. OF ensures that people feel they can influence the way work is done.


Know what I like?


To get feedback and engage in a conversation about our company’s culture in real time. Managers get insights that can be acted on. Everything is focused on improvement.

Smarter meetings.


Improvement ideas, stories, initiatives, insights, all delivered and read in minutes. And read and evaluated before the decision-making meeting!